Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Register?

if you wish to sign up reload account or you can please let administrator know your are interested become our dealer or agent. Administrator wil assist you to create reload account you.

* If you wish have credit immediatly into your account, you can bank in extra RM50 to administrator. for all new members only.

  All Dealer or Agent will have individual MOBILE RELOAD ACCOUNT that we created for you, you can use this account to help your customer or friend reload/topup
supported: android & IOS
3. What Is different between Dealer and Agent?

Dealer can Reload to customer and recruit agent under you. Agent just can reload only

4. I'm interested become Dealer, but i don't want recruit any agent under me.
  Sure, no problem. that only extra features for Mobile dealer only
5. What is the commission for the product rate?
  Different product have different commission rate, please visit our products rate:
6. How to earn my commission from this reload business or product?

If you customer need topup RM100 XOX. login to your SMS RELOAD ACCOUNT and type your customer number, select the product and amount and click send.

Your Customer will received RM100 XOX topup just few sec only. Our System deducated RM96.00 from your account, your profit is RM4.00. And your commission already get from your customer.

*XOX is 4.00% for your commission rate

7. How to reload /topup to my customer?

Login to our Android or IOS Application and topup for your customer